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Mismatched relatives Heres an interesting article as a follow up to our multi-cultural education discussion on Tuesday. The author provides a number of examples where someone questioned or was suspicious of a parent and child who were together, but who did not seem to “match.” They might be from different ethnic groups or just look very […]

#petsintheclassroom   I found out about this Grant that teachers can apply for today from my Kindergarten practicum teacher. Since I was really excited about this resource, I wanted to share it with the rest of you. Pets in general are wonderful to have around, they can change the atmosphere of a room and serve […]

In the news: Schooling in Pakistan

Hello everyone, here is an article I recently read on the educational problems in Pakistan. Although it is a relatively small article it really highlights the problems they are facing currently in Pakistan. I would suggest checking it out.

Shout Out to Us!

I’m going to go for another shout out post to all of us, because I couldn’t pick a single person to shout out! to. I have multiple reasons for a group shout out, beginning with last week’s TLC session. What a magical time. But actually, it was really good to get halfway through the semester […]

7 habits This article talks about schools that have adopted FranklinCovey’s 7 habits for elementary students. The premise is developing leadership skills, but the early payoff is in improved behavior. Check it out.

Discussion question: Elementary Practicum

Hello fellow teachers. This Thursday will be our first day in our elementary classrooms. My question to you is: What will be your main goal for Thursday? What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to learn about your class? Really, just take this question and run with it, let your mind run […]

Just for Fun

For my Just for Fun post, one of my dance professors  posts really enlightening quotes, passages, etc. for teachers. Here  is one I would like to share with you (although you may have already seen this on Facebook): Standardized Testing: My friend said: My daughter’s new elementary school principle sent this to all the students […]

In The News…

I absolutely hate to write that something of this magnitude is yet again a news story. As I’m sure many of you have heard, there was a shooting at a Nevada middle school on Monday morning. While not much has been released about the incident, this news story showcases that students assume it was because […]

Brain Dance

Here is a teaching idea for all of you. The link is to an activity called “Brain Dance”. It was developed to simulate the movement patterns of a baby’s development. As the article states, it has seen great results in the classroom. In fact, one of my dance professors suggested I do this activity with […]


Overall, I thought GeoFest was a wonderful experience. From each session I attended I got teaching ideas, handouts, freebies and more! In the first session I went to, we got an A-Z chart that students are asked to fill in at the beginning of each unit. For example, if they are studying about North America, […]