Brain Dance

Posted on October 22nd, 2013 by

Here is a teaching idea for all of you. The link is to an activity called “Brain Dance”. It was developed to simulate the movement patterns of a baby’s development. As the article states, it has seen great results in the classroom. In fact, one of my dance professors suggested I do this activity with my class before standardized testing because of the positive effects seen from it. I am hoping to fully sample the activity in class for all of you sometime this semester, but this link gives you a preview to it! I tried this during kindergarten practicum and the students engaged in the activity quite well!


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  1. Kayla Traetow says:

    It is really cool! I have seen Allie use it in our Kindergarten class and wow it was so cool to see the students respond to it. Thanks for sharing and allowing me to be your Kindergarten partner in crime:)