Shout Out to Us!

Posted on October 23rd, 2013 by

I’m going to go for another shout out post to all of us, because I couldn’t pick a single person to shout out! to. I have multiple reasons for a group shout out, beginning with last week’s TLC session. What a magical time. But actually, it was really good to get halfway through the semester and reestablish ground rules and simply share thoughts with one another.

I think that our spending time together both in and out of the classroom is a great simulation of working with coworkers in school; establishing a professional and somewhat personal relationship with co-teachers will reflect in your teaching, for instance how excited you are about teaching a lesson and how into the lesson you get. Another coworker relationship could be more personal than professional, so being in a classroom together with a good friend who is also a teacher cannot always be the easiest thing.

I just wanted to let everyone in our little class know that working with ALL of you has been so much fun, is motivating, and I think we should start our own Facebook page for after we graduate to share ideas and resource ideas.




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