Discussion question: Elementary Practicum

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Hello fellow teachers. This Thursday will be our first day in our elementary classrooms. My question to you is: What will be your main goal for Thursday? What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to learn about your class? Really, just take this question and run with it, let your mind run wild. Can’t wait to see what you post!


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  1. Kelsey Raasch says:


    I just saw these thought provoking question and I wanted to answer it in preparation for our next practicum visit. For this Friday, my main goal is to remember the students name, get to know them better and see where they are at academically. I’m with fourth graders and it’s hard for me to determine how hard or easy their lessons are. I’m interested to meet the two students that were gone the last time we were there. I’m excited for our next visit which will hopefully help me accomplish these goals. HAPPY PRACTICUM!