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Just for Fun

For my Just for Fun post, one of my dance professors  posts really enlightening quotes, passages, etc. for teachers. Here  is one I would like to share with you (although you may have already seen this on Facebook): Standardized Testing: My friend said: My daughter’s new elementary school principle sent this to all the students […]

In The News…

I absolutely hate to write that something of this magnitude is yet again a news story. As I’m sure many of you have heard, there was a shooting at a Nevada middle school on Monday morning. While not much has been released about the incident, this news story showcases that students assume it was because […]

Brain Dance

Here is a teaching idea for all of you. The link is to an activity called “Brain Dance”. It was developed to simulate the movement patterns of a baby’s development. As the article states, it has seen great results in the classroom. In fact, one of my dance professors suggested I do this activity with […]


Overall, I thought GeoFest was a wonderful experience. From each session I attended I got teaching ideas, handouts, freebies and more! In the first session I went to, we got an A-Z chart that students are asked to fill in at the beginning of each unit. For example, if they are studying about North America, […]