Technology Every Teacher Should Know About!

As we learned in our Educational Technology class, technology is becoming increasingly popular in classrooms, but not just the use of technology but the diverse range as well. Click here for a great website that lists all the forms of technology that are useful for teachers. I know most of us know about social websites, especially Pinterest, but Pinterest can be a great source for lesson plans, classroom organization, and classroom management tips! On this website there are also links to other sites that help make lessons more fun and engaging. There is also a category of lesson planning and tools for teachers. Some of my favorite are Teachers Pay Teachers, Prezi,Google Docs, and Youtube. During kindergarten practicum my group used Youtube everyday for great introductory songs. Then there are useful tools that your students can use, such as: Google Earth, Diigo, and Popplet. This website has a great layout of different tools for teachers and classrooms!