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Mismatched relatives Heres an interesting article as a follow up to our multi-cultural education discussion on Tuesday. The author provides a number of examples where someone questioned or was suspicious of a parent and child who were together, but who did not seem to “match.” They might be from different ethnic groups or just look very […]

7 habits This article talks about schools that have adopted FranklinCovey’s 7 habits for elementary students. The premise is developing leadership skills, but the early payoff is in improved behavior. Check it out.

poverty taxes the brain I just read this article on how poverty – temporary and long-term – affects cognition. Some of it makes sense to me and other parts I question and need more information. It makes me more eager to read the education department’s book study “Teaching with Poverty in Mind.”

edublogs Has anyone used edublog? It’s a professional looking site. The basic blogs are free and for a fee a person can upgrade to get additional features.    

50 Educational Technology Tools This site categorizes and briefly describes 50 technology tools that teachers can use themselves or with their students. It is from an earlier post from one of Valerie’s students. Take time on occasion to check out those earlier posts when you can. They contain some great information. Sue


Here is our site for using and learning about blogging in the college classroom and its application to elementary school classrooms. The ten of us have varied skills and abilities with blogging. We can mentor each other and all of us increase our skills while we are designing ways to use blogs in our classroom. […]