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#petsintheclassroom   I found out about this Grant that teachers can apply for today from my Kindergarten practicum teacher. Since I was really excited about this resource, I wanted to share it with the rest of you. Pets in general are wonderful to have around, they can change the atmosphere of a room and serve […]

Shout Out to Us!

I’m going to go for another shout out post to all of us, because I couldn’t pick a single person to shout out! to. I have multiple reasons for a group shout out, beginning with last week’s TLC session. What a magical time. But actually, it was really good to get halfway through the semester […]

Geofest conference

I really enjoyed getting to interact with other teachers! What a fun and exciting way to share and exchanges resources as well as other teaching ideas and strategies. A speaker who was great was Sue Knott from the Minnesota Board of Agriculture. My dad has always been passionate about food, eating healthy and the agri […]