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Just for fun: What did you think of Divergent?

I saw Divergent today. Even as a fan of the book, it was great fun. (I feel like Spring Break started early. Don’t worry, we’ll still have class tomorrow!) Has anyone else seen it? What did you think? (I have something I want to chat about, but it involves a spoiler, so I’ll hold off.)

Question!- Pets in the Classroom

Now I realize this question is very strange and kind of random but I remember always having class pets in my classrooms. Whether it was a snake (yuck!) a hamster, guinea pig, etc. Do you all think that a pet could benefit the students and help teach them responsibility or do you think it would […]

A Living Necklace- It’s Pretty Awesome!

For our Kindergarten Practicum our theme was Spring and more specifically plants. We decided to have a main topic we were going to introduce on Day 1 and come back to daily. That project was the Seed Necklace. I have attached the link to the lesson plan because I know that no matter what grade […]

Shout Out- A Great Day

Just a shout out to all my lovely methods friends because for whatever reason we were giddy and laughing and had fun all day today! It was a blast… hang in there it’s almost Spring Break!

Just For Fun- A Laugh for All

Alright friends, here is my just for fun. I hope you all laugh, I know I did while I was making it! Emilie let me know if I made you cry!

Shout out!

I would like to send a Shout-Out to Laura and Nikki who leave today! Safe travels and safe vacationing to you and also Ellie when she leaves tomorrow! I hope everyone can come back rested and rejuvenated!

Key Idea: Calendar

Today we talked about the idea of calendar and how to best utilize this time with students. I really do believe that the instructional time can be lengthened and more meaningful if calendar time is kept shorter and very intentional. I really agreed with Katrina’s words about developing math and doing more math activities outside […]

Idea from Conference: Ticket to Travel

I attended the workshop titled “Ticket to Travel for Teachers” because I was interested in the concept of teachers travelling in order to further develop their knowledge of the world and bringing that into the classroom. There were actually quite a few resources and different experiences that teachers are able to utilize to travel for […]

Key Idea

During kindergarten practicum, I learned many things.  One of the things I will always remember is to not phrase commands as questions.  Instead of saying, “will you” or “do you want to” you need to be more commanding.  Mrs. Sizer helped me greatly in thinking about that and other effective forms of teacher talk.

Education Link         I found it interesting that a lot of the redevelopment is based off of this new school.  I will be interested in how successful it is and I wish them the best.