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Searching for Social Justice

Summarize a key idea from the week: I would like to thank everyone for being so open and understanding when talking about the racial incident in Monday’s class. As teachers it’s important to stand up for social justice. I’m glad that we were able to have an open conversation and express our feelings towards the […]

Spring Break!

I hope everyone is excited for spring break. I know I am.  I think it would be cool if people posted places they’re going or fun things that they’re doing on here.  You know, just for fun.

Just For Fun!

Just thought I would enlighten everyone with this picture that was sent home to our kindergarteners parents on the first day with our introduction letter..just because its fun 🙂

Teaching idea – craft!

I came across this cute craft and I thought I had to share it because of my deep love for penguins. This would be fun to use during an expository writing activity on penguins, or artic animals! You may need a Pinterest account to log in once clicking on the link 🙂

Vindicated! Mystery Science Theater 3000 is back!

Remember when I tried to use Mystery Science Theater as an example during class and was so disappointed that no one had watched it? (Generation gap!) I just read that they are back together and will be hosting a new educational(?) series!

Furthering Awareness

From our class discussion on Monday I felt that I needed to learn more about the Muslim culture so I could become more knowledgeable on how to address controversial issues as a teacher and connect with all my students. While reading a couple of articles I discovered that I did not know much about these […]

How and why do Muslims observe and celebrate Ramadan?

I’ve thought a lot about our class discussion on Monday about how widespread stereotypes about Muslims are in the U.S. One way to break down these stereotypes is with accurate information. Since the “holidays curriculum” is used so often in schools, why not use it as an opportunity to educate our students about Ramadan (and, […]


I realize this is a little late, but shout-out to Jess Kullman and McKenna Jones for finishing a great week of kindergarten practicum. All of our hard work paid off and our plant necklaces actually turned out! YAY!!!

Another Shout-Out to the Class!

I just wanted to add on to Jess’s shout-out to the class! Even though my laughing attacks do not always come at appropriate times, it is safe to say that I have cried more this semester from laughing than I have from being sad. Thank you all for collectively contributing to the class community (alliteration […]

iPad insurance in Schools? (news article)

Should parents have to pay for insurance for their child’s iPad? “In the news…..” This is an article about parents having to pay insurance for their child to use iPads in the schools. I see that benefits and flaws in this idea. One of the benefits may be that students may have more respectful for […]