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Shout out!

I would like to send a Shout-Out to Laura and Nikki who leave today! Safe travels and safe vacationing to you and also Ellie when she leaves tomorrow! I hope everyone can come back rested and rejuvenated!

Key Idea: Calendar

Today we talked about the idea of calendar and how to best utilize this time with students. I really do believe that the instructional time can be lengthened and more meaningful if calendar time is kept shorter and very intentional. I really agreed with Katrina’s words about developing math and doing more math activities outside […]

Idea from Conference: Ticket to Travel

I attended the workshop titled “Ticket to Travel for Teachers” because I was interested in the concept of teachers travelling in order to further develop their knowledge of the world and bringing that into the classroom. There were actually quite a few resources and different experiences that teachers are able to utilize to travel for […]

Another Shout-Out to the Class!

I just wanted to add on to Jess’s shout-out to the class! Even though my laughing attacks do not always come at appropriate times, it is safe to say that I have cried more this semester from laughing than I have from being sad. Thank you all for collectively contributing to the class community (alliteration […]

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – Gustavus Event

On Monday night, the author of several well-known books and TED talk speaker came to Gustavus to speak about performing gender roles and about feminist issues in general. Before Chimamanda Adichie came to campus, I had watched her other TED talk video about how we should all be feminists. A link to the talk is […]

Dialogue with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

We were sitting five rows away from the stage of where His Holiness would be sitting and speaking, and our anticipation had grown strongly because we had to check in about an hour before the event began. As they announced that he was about the enter, my heart started pounding–I was so excited! He walked […]

Discussion Post!

Hello group! So, as most of you know already,  I am one of the co-presidents for the Hmong American Cultural Outreach group on campus. Yesterday, we discussed this data as a club to see where people’s thoughts were. The data shows the different sub-groups of Asian Americans and how Hmong, Cambodian, and Laotian are the […]