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Key Idea

During kindergarten practicum, I learned many things.  One of the things I will always remember is to not phrase commands as questions.  Instead of saying, “will you” or “do you want to” you need to be more commanding.  Mrs. Sizer helped me greatly in thinking about that and other effective forms of teacher talk.

Education Link         I found it interesting that a lot of the redevelopment is based off of this new school.  I will be interested in how successful it is and I wish them the best.

Spring Break!

I hope everyone is excited for spring break. I know I am.  I think it would be cool if people posted places they’re going or fun things that they’re doing on here.  You know, just for fun.


I was curious what everyone’s favorite session was? Mine was the pre-service teacher one.  I thought it was very relevant, informational, and helpful for where we’re at.  It was also quite interesting to talk about that kind of stuff with students from other colleges.

Shout Out!

Shout out to Carly for setting the bar high on Morning Meeting/Calendar in practicum!

Shout Out

Shout out to Nikki and Carly for being awesome at making puppy ears!  

Proud Friend

One of my good friends, Tyler Gustafson, has an article written about him in the campus paper.  He’s representing the USA junior biathlon team.  It’s pretty cool and you should check it out.