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Question!- Pets in the Classroom

Now I realize this question is very strange and kind of random but I remember always having class pets in my classrooms. Whether it was a snake (yuck!) a hamster, guinea pig, etc. Do you all think that a pet could benefit the students and help teach them responsibility or do you think it would […]

A Living Necklace- It’s Pretty Awesome!

For our Kindergarten Practicum our theme was Spring and more specifically plants. We decided to have a main topic we were going to introduce on Day 1 and come back to daily. That project was the Seed Necklace. I have attached the link to the lesson plan because I know that no matter what grade […]

Shout Out- A Great Day

Just a shout out to all my lovely methods friends because for whatever reason we were giddy and laughing and had fun all day today! It was a blast… hang in there it’s almost Spring Break!

Just For Fun- A Laugh for All

Alright friends, here is my just for fun. I hope you all laugh, I know I did while I was making it! Emilie let me know if I made you cry!

In the News- Debate for Full Day Kindergarten  Because we are still in the midst of Kindergarten practicum I thought this was relevant! I know that when I was in Kindergarten it was only a half day and I was lucky because my mom was home in the afternoons to take my brother and I back home, but as mentioned in this […]

Technology in the Clasroom- MCSS

One of my favorite sessions that I attended today at the MCSS was the Integrating Technology and Primary Sources into the Elementary Classroom. I really enjoyed this presentation because I thought the presenter did a really good job of getting us involved, showing us an example of what she would do in her classroom and […]


Shout-out to the entire methods class on our first FULL day of Kindergarten Practicum tomorrow! I hope it’s a blast and I can’t wait to hear all about it on Friday!