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Just For Fun!

Just thought I would enlighten everyone with this picture that was sent home to our kindergarteners parents on the first day with our introduction letter..just because its fun 🙂

Teaching idea – craft!

I came across this cute craft and I thought I had to share it because of my deep love for penguins. This would be fun to use during an expository writing activity on penguins, or artic animals! You may need a Pinterest account to log in once clicking on the link 🙂

Shout out

Michael and I went into kindergarten today at the end of the day to meet with Mrs. Sizer about our full week practicum ideas, and Carly was teaching today (because of her softball conflict for next week) and Mrs. Sizer told us what a good job she did today avoiding prompted questions starting with “Can […]

Key Idea For The Week!

I think to summarize this week (even though it was a short one) it’s safe to do it in one word: preperation. As kindergarten practicum approaches, I can tell we are all doing a lot of work to prep in order to ensure that our kindergarteners are going to have engaging and exciting activities next […]

Social Studies Conference

At the Social Studies conference on Monday, I was able to attend many helpful and interesting sessions. The one that differed a little bit from the rest, and the one that was most relatable to me at this point in time was a discussion based session that was geared toward future elementary school teachers. This […]

Shout Out

Just a quick shout out for my awesome Geography group members aka Laura and Michael. We had some wonderful ideas for our lesson coming up next week. We look forward to teaching our class next Wednesday!