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Pinterest :)

Here are just a few teaching ideas I thought that I would share with the class since some of you (Mark) don’t have Pinterest 🙂   Since we did these in Writing Workshop… This is a good visual/spelling technique for when you are doing singular to plural words that aren’t just adding s to the […]

Article: Our children’s education in crisis

Here is an article that discusses a couple problems with our education system. I would be interested to see how you feel about his ideas.

Question Time!

I’ve been working on my kindergarten lesson plans and I realized that I have been asking very similar questions and mainly low level questions. As teachers, how can we ensure that we ask a variety of questions, to even students at a young age like kindergarten?


This is an article that I got in my e-mail prior to taking my  MTLE Social Studies test. I’ve heard stories like this before and I just think that it’s such a good way to start off  your school year, not just in a social studies/history classroom but in any classroom.   NOW SHE IS […]

Blog Use in 1st Grade

After learning about blogs, I talked to my Aunt Marie who is a first grade teacher at Breck Lower School in Golden Valley, MN.  She sent me this link of a blog she uses to communicate with parents.  I like all the pictures she uses to show what they have been doing. Check it out!

Why I Quit Teaching

Hey! Steph posted this on our facebook page and I found it really interesting! It’s kind of long but worth it!

50 Educational Technology Tools This site categorizes and briefly describes 50 technology tools that teachers can use themselves or with their students. It is from an earlier post from one of Valerie’s students. Take time on occasion to check out those earlier posts when you can. They contain some great information. Sue


Here is our site for using and learning about blogging in the college classroom and its application to elementary school classrooms. The ten of us have varied skills and abilities with blogging. We can mentor each other and all of us increase our skills while we are designing ways to use blogs in our classroom. […]