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Just for Fun! – Quote Post

Hi everyone! After a few weeks in practicum, I’m sure we have a lot of funny quotes and things that have happened while in the classroom.  I thought it’d be fun to share some of the funny things that have gone on (with complete anonymity of course). 2 of the funniest things that have happened […]

Shoutout to Kayla & Bethany!

I just wanted to write a quick shoutout to Kayla and Bethany for bringing in de-stressors on Thursday.  I really enjoyed the serenity oil and thought it was a great way to show our class how to relax during stressful times.  Thanks for the great idea!!

Geofest – What did you gain?

Yesterday at geofest, I went to a session called “Picture there, Picture that!” In the session we read a children’s book and used geography skills to make a birds eye view map of the book.  We covered TODALSIGS which was a guideline for what we needed on our individual maps (i.e. title, legend, date, and […]

Teaching Ideas…

After almost a week with Kindergarteners I have collected a few new fun ideas for teaching the lower elementary grades! I will list them below: -Sensory table filled with coffee grounds (flavored vanilla/hazelnut) -Rain experiment in a cup! -Conflict Chart (explaining how to solve their own problems without involving the teacher all the time) -Demonstrating […]

Attacking Cyber Bullying

Hi everyone! This is an article I found on preventing cyber bullying.  It’s a new program in the Anoka-Hennepin area which brings attention to cyber bullying but most importantly teaches students how to deal with this type of bullying.  Along with condemning the act, they teach students how to react, respond and challenge the bulliers. […]

Blog Use in 1st Grade

After learning about blogs, I talked to my Aunt Marie who is a first grade teacher at Breck Lower School in Golden Valley, MN.  She sent me this link of a blog she uses to communicate with parents.  I like all the pictures she uses to show what they have been doing. Check it out!