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Here are just a few teaching ideas I thought that I would share with the class since some of you (Mark) don’t have Pinterest 🙂


Since we did these in Writing Workshop…

This is a good visual/spelling technique for when you are doing singular to plural words that aren’t just adding s to the end… ex) foot to feet

I’m not sure why this is on “birthday ideas” website but i think that this is super smart! get a flipable note card book and cut the cards into 3 (leaving them attached by the rings) and put the entire alphabet on each portion and have students create words! (look at the picture and you will understand what I mean!)

There are tons of other posts and links on pinterest! So make sure you check them out!





  1. Kelsey Raasch says:

    Bethany – I love these ideas! Especially the welcome message which could set the tone of the classroom. The foldables seem like an easy way to help students learn how words change when there are multiples! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Susan Moore says:

    These ideas seem like a type of “foldables” and can be used in a number of different ways. I think that manipulating the singular to plural words would be very helpful to some students.

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