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Tattle Tales

I found this book on Pinterest called A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue.  It would be perfect for younger elementary students who feel the need to tell the teacher everything that is going on.  It then reminded me of a current teacher that keeps a stuffed animal turtle in her classroom called Tattle Turtle.  If […]

I had a family wedding this weekend and when we are all together we always talk about old stories of when our parents and grandparents were little and growing up.  I have a very large family and a lot of the names of people I never got the chance to meet are hard to keep […]

Cradle-to-K initiative

As future elementary school teachers, the last thing we want is for our students to be or fall behind in their learning.  Minneapolis Mayor candidate Betsy Hodges, has formed an initiative called Cradle-to-K for the Minneapolis area.  It will provide help for expecting parents and young children before they start kindergarten to help close the […]


I really enjoyed Sue Knott’s presentation on Food Around the World.  She used a variety of activities to keep us engaged through the entire hour.  The activity that I thought could be most beneficial to the younger elementary age was the map/food activity.  It was about trading food to other countries around the world based […]

Why I Quit Teaching

Hey! Steph posted this on our facebook page and I found it really interesting! It’s kind of long but worth it!