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K > all the rest

I miss Kindergarten Practicum! Who agrees?

Shout out to Valerie!

I forgot to do this weeks ago, but shout out to Valerie for making poetry fun. She gave us great prompts, let us free write, and let us write about ourselves. This all leaded to some great poems, everyone had great poems and I feel like we all got a better feel as to when […]

Social Studies in K

Throughout K Practicum I was trying to find different ways in which students were engaged in Social Studies. Since it seems harder to identify Social Studies content at this age group I was sure to keep my eyes open. Some things I saw were that in morning meeting students were introduced to greetings from different […]

This hits close to home with me…

The new york times had an interesting article about some schools in Canada that have started putting concussion education into their curriculum. Since I have had more than my fair share (6 for sure) and I know the impact that it has on someones life. They are instilling units on concussions dealing with symptoms, prevention, […]


Our teacher is doing some neat things with technology in her classroom, and one of the things that she is doing is using cool/hip new ways to reach out and communicate with parents. This is basically like a private group chat. On it teachers can send out mass texts to their students parents and the […]

To correct or not correct??

Hey guys, In class we talk a great deal about when to step in and when to not step in when dealing with situations of spelling errors, or other situations. I am sure that we are all experiencing some situations in which we see an error and I am just wondering what some situations are […]

Shout out to my teammates

I would just like to take this time to give Lean and Laura some recognition for their work in Kindergarten Practicum. They had some great lessons over the last couple of days and are a hit with the kiddies. Keep up the good work team.

Gustavus Homecoming

This past week was a great time to be a Gustie. I saw a lot of school spirit/Gustie pride displayed all week at multiple events around campus for Homecoming. After some solid reflection time yesterday something dawned upon me…. We are seniors. Seniors that just experienced our last Gustavus Homecoming as students! I hope I […]

Hardest and Most Rewarding

Teaching can be extremely difficult, but I think we can all agree that it is the challenge that makes the profession so rewarding. Teaching is one of the only professions where you can play a role in actively shaping the future. We may teach the next Einstein of the world, the worlds greatest mom/dad, the […]