Social Studies in K

Posted on October 14th, 2014 by

Throughout K Practicum I was trying to find different ways in which students were engaged in Social Studies. Since it seems harder to identify Social Studies content at this age group I was sure to keep my eyes open. Some things I saw were that in morning meeting students were introduced to greetings from different places all over the world, they practice social skills and behavior expectations, they do the pledge, they will eventually have a Around the World Christmas’s unit, in class they had a brief introduction to Columbus and his expedition, etc. Math and Literacy are given specific chunks of time during the day to be taught, but it seems as if Social Studies is taught periodically, or discretely.

I think that it is important that Literacy and Math get there time in the day and I totally agree with what is being taught, but I would like for teachers to identify/clarify to the students that the little things that they are taught pertain to Social Studies. So when teaching appropriate behavior or classroom rules you could introduce Civics, etc. What are our thoughts? Don’t leave Social Studies as a foreign concept until the upper elementary grades, give them a foundation.

I want to know some more ways that Social Studies can be taught to Kindergarteners, or things that you saw that I may have missed.

If anyone else saw anything special let me know.


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