Hardest and Most Rewarding

Posted on September 23rd, 2014 by

Teaching can be extremely difficult, but I think we can all agree that it is the challenge that makes the profession so rewarding. Teaching is one of the only professions where you can play a role in actively shaping the future. We may teach the next Einstein of the world, the worlds greatest mom/dad, the next nobel peace prize winner, etc. Beyond that even, we get summers off. Think about that when the times get tough and enjoy this video.




  1. Sophia Wertz says:

    I loved this video! It was a great way to show how a teacher’s role is not just to spit out the content of the standards in the classroom and leave at the end of the day. A teacher is a caregiver, a mentor, a psychologist, and for some children, a teacher is the only support system in their life. This video demonstrates how teachers must be flexible and understanding. In class we often talk about using lesson plans that are out of the box ideas; ideas that spark creativity, that spark motivation, and this video expresses many strategies that teachers must use so that students are inspired to learn.

  2. Elizabeth Anderson says:

    I especially like the part when the teachers volcano doesn’t work, but then he makes this into a learning lesson that sometimes volcanos don’t go off when they are expecting too. This is so true for teachers because sometimes things or lessons go the way we want them too, but as teachers you have to go with it and fit it in the lesson! I love that the teacher dresses up to teach lessons and act out different characters, this is such a great idea and the students look like they love that!

  3. Elizabeth Anderson says:

    That is literally the cutest video I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing Zach! Now I will share it on my Facebook!