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Bullying: A Rising Epidemic

Bullying is a word that most teachers cringe when they hear. It is a topic of discussion that has been in the news and floating around every school in the United States over the last few years. Due to increased suicide rates and more and more emotional problems among young students, it is a topic […]

“Shout Out”

I want to give baby Niks a shoot-out for all the work she does for both Habitat for Humanity and SLP. She has become very dedicated to a great cause over the last year and a half and deserves to be recognized for all of her hard work. Plus she is just great in general!

Just For Fun: Arizona Softball Trip

As all of you know our Gustavus Softball Team spent the last 5 days in Tucson, AZ playing games. We had an amazing time both playing softball and bonding as a team. One of the many pre-game rituals is a all of us kneeling on one knee and one of our teammates giving the Herb […]

Key Idea from the Week!

Over the past 5 days I was in Kindergarten Practicum with Mrs. Sizer. Throughout the week I learned many important concepts and ideas that I will able to take into both student teaching and my own classroom. One of the most important ideas that I learned were ways to create fillers throughout the day. Mrs. […]


I know this is not always a topic that is discussed in the classroom, but I am wondering what everyone feels about Recess and at what age should students no longer get to go out to Recess before or after lunch?

MCSS Conference

I was able to attend a session in the morning at the Conference that discussed the techniques and benefits of using multi-touch textbooks in your classroom. Brian Hurd is a Middle School teacher who has created and published some of his very own multi-touch textbooks. The idea behind the multi-touch textbook is that students are […]

In the News: Closing the Achievement Gap

There is always talk about how there is a larger gap in achievement between white students and students of color. In the article I found there is recent improvement in the achievement gap of elementary students, but not as large of improvements in older grades. The article suggests some reasons to why this is the […]