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I really enjoyed Sue Knott’s presentation on Food Around the World.  She used a variety of activities to keep us engaged through the entire hour.  The activity that I thought could be most beneficial to the younger elementary age was the map/food activity.  It was about trading food to other countries around the world based on crops and growing seasons.  It allowed students to explore the world map and see how the two partnered countries related to each other.  Another aspect of this activity that I liked was how you could then go in depth and learn about each of the countries individually.  A way to relate this trading process to the students’ lives is to show them that they trade too; baseball cards, toys, etc.

Three things I learned:

1. Agriculture seems like it wouldn’t be important to teach but it relates to land areas, countries, how we get food and so much more!  It is secretly a part of our every day lives.

2. Podcasts are starting to become a big thing in teaching.  This presenter didn’t go into a lot of depth that proved to be helpful, but thinking about it, you could record your lessons and put them online so students could relisten to them at home if they missed something.  I had a Chemistry teacher in high school that would do practice problems using video podcasts.

3. There are so many supplementary materials and resources that are beneficial for students as well as the teachers to get a variety of learning styles in the classroom.

I think GeoFest could have been better if there were more sessions geared towards the primary grade levels.


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