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“In the news” Technology in the classroom Here is a link to using technology in the classroom!

Using examples in reflections

This week we talked a lot about reflections and how to make our reflections better for our TPA and just in general to become better at writing reflections. Sue hit on the importance using examples and detail in your reflection. I believe it does make your reflection stronger and flow better.   Thanks Sue for […]

Geofest idea

First everyone knows how much I loved Geofest and would love to go back anyday! The thing that really stuck out to me was the using ag in the classroom… I can’t stress enough how awesome and wonderful this is! I taught a kids’ garden program for 2 years and now I plan the sessions […]

Shout out!!

Just wanted to do a quick shout out to everyone in our wonderful class! Thanks for being great classmates and we are almost done with fall semester! I am so proud of everyone and we have come so far! Way to go and yay for us for being awesome! before you know it Christmas will […]

Link to a GREAT resource Sooo.. This is a link to my pinterest board on education and it pretty much rocks and is full of great resources. You should just follow me on pinterest anyways cause i pin like every day!


With practicum being over Bethany asked was what something you learn now let’s ask what was the hardest thing about practicum?? For me we struggled with classroom management right away and slowly got better once as we implemented a technique.