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Minnesota is ranked 3rd in Nation!

I read an article that rates the best places for teachers in America, and Minnesota ranked 3rd, based on 18 factors. This first article:, just talks about how we are number 3, and how it differs from a different set of rankings. Here is the link to the official ranking, which I found very interesting […]

Shout out to Everyone!

Everyone did an awesome job on their “Where I’m From” (Teacher Edition) poems today! It was so interesting to hear everyone’s past experiences and how they relate and differ from our own. I am glad we have such a close relationship with everyone that they felt comfortable in sharing their backstories. 🙂

Sir Harry Kroto at Nobel Conference 50

One speaker that I really enjoyed at this years Nobel Conference was Sir Harry Kroto, and his speech on “How to Survive”. One quote that especially enjoyed from him is that “teachers should nurture the the ability of students to think for themselves so they don’t need to be lead.” We don’t want to teach […]

Shout Out to Ms. Krane and Ms. Anderson!

Big shout out to these two wonderful teacher candidates! We did awesome this past week, and I’m sure all of our little muchkins will miss us. Both of your lessons are  truly inspiring, and all of the students loved them. They are definitely ones that I will take with me in case I ever need […]

In the News… You Think You Know What Teachers Do?

This article is one that one of my facebook friends posted not too long ago. It caught my eye, because it seems that lately, all my friends who have science oriented majors seem to think that they know what all of us EDU majors do all day, and they aren’t impressed. This article is really […]

Economics Lesson Plan: Playdough Goods and Services

This was the initial lesson plan we put together. We found the idea for in the resources that Valerie provided for us. In the lesson we defined the words “goods” and “services”. We then had students give examples of each of them, and we put those examples on a t-chart. Next we had the students […]

Giving Praise on Ability vs. Process

I thought that this article was very interesting. This is something I have heard many times, but the writer of this article really sums why praising ability is something we should turn away from. I don’t agree that it only affects girls, but this article is still a good read!

Bill Harley’s Musical Stories

This summer one of my coworkers introduced met to Bill Harley, a performer who sings songs and stories for children. The kids stayed captivated as they listened to him. This is a great one, but if you show it to kids get ready for them to sing “you’re not the boss of me” at you […]