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GAC Event: 10 Ways to Bounce Back

There’s been some great research on the connections between happiness, learning and resiliency. Want to learn more about how to become more resilient in your own life? Learn 10 Ways to Bounce Back! looks like it is going to be a great event! 1:30, Tuesday, September 23, Alumni Hall! If you attend, share what you’ve […]

Shout out!: Morning Meeting

Here’s a shout out to everyone who has taught a Morning Meeting! (And I can’t wait for our last meeting on Wednesday.) I’ve really enjoyed seeing how much energy our class has had after each meeting. This morning Lauren and Alex used a great song in their meeting. Would one of you post a link? […]

Giant map of Africa!

Several semesters ago Gustavus hosted the National Geographic’s Giant Map of Africa! We asked our Social Studies methods group to jump right into teaching! For our first day of class, we helped second grade students from St. Peter’s South Elementary explore the map. In this activity, we asked students to estimate whether Africa is longer […]

GLBT+ Books for Children

One of the challenges of building an inclusive classroom library is finding books with diverse representations of gender and sexual orientation. Thankfully, I just stumbled upon a great resource; the Guardian’s Children’s Books section is doing a week-long theme on LBGT books for children! Check out the overview of the week and spend some time […]

Indigenous People’s Day

Minneapolis will be honoring Indigenous People’s Day, rather than Columbus Day in October!

Hello MACTE colleagues!

Welcome to the TLC blog! Here are some links to posts that I think demonstrate some of the rewards of blogging with teacher education students. (As I shared, there have also been challenges!) Since our class is an integrated Language Arts and Social Studies Methods course, I’ve selected examples that have something to do with […]

In the news: “Where are the people of color in children’s books?”

Walter Dean Myers, who is an award-winning African American children’s author, wrote this piece on the lack of diversity in children’s literature. I appreciated how he personalized the issue. We talked about resources for finding diverse literature in an earlier post. Now that you are planning your practicum lessons, what types of literature are you […]

A good reminder to make writing meaningful

Here’s a good reminder to make writing meaningful. When you don’t, students will just complete assignments!

Just for fun: What did you think of Divergent?

I saw Divergent today. Even as a fan of the book, it was great fun. (I feel like Spring Break started early. Don’t worry, we’ll still have class tomorrow!) Has anyone else seen it? What did you think? (I have something I want to chat about, but it involves a spoiler, so I’ll hold off.)

Vindicated! Mystery Science Theater 3000 is back!

Remember when I tried to use Mystery Science Theater as an example during class and was so disappointed that no one had watched it? (Generation gap!) I just read that they are back together and will be hosting a new educational(?) series!