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Malala & Education for All

As some of you may already know, Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani girl and advocate for improved access to education, was recently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Access to education regardless of gender is something I have always felt strongly about. I think many of us do not always fully appreciate the education we have […]

Children’s Books That Teach Math

After today’s math class with Michele I was thinking about good children’s books that teach math concepts. I found this website that lists some of the top math books for kids. The site has links to find math literature for specific math concepts such as addition, subtraction, telling time, and much more. Definitely a resource […]

Shout Out to My Kindergarten Team!

Shout out to my awesome Kindergarten practicum group, Halle, Lauren, and Morgan! I’m sad today was our last day 🙁 We all did a great job teaching our lessons, being flexible, and creative! I feel like we all will be feeling more confident going into Elementary practicum in November!

Thoughts on Columbus Day…

Monday the 13th is the day that many calendars mark Columbus Day. The cooperating teacher for my practicum group expressed that she will be talking about Columbus Day with her students. Students are creating binoculars and will be doing activities related to explorers. Last Monday, the Seattle City Council unanimously voted to change Columbus Day […]

Resources on Resources at Geofest 2014!

Attending Geofest was an awesome experience and a fun chance to be a part of a larger “teacher community”. I had no idea how many great resources and ideas I would walk away with! All of the sessions I attended really got me thinking about what I want to put value on as a teacher. The study […]

Teaching Civics and Government Lessons

Civics Lesson Morning of October 1st: In this lesson on conflict resolution, students learned about different forms of conflict and how their responses to conflict can impact the consequences. All students participated in a SMART Board activity and created a comic strip to demonstrate what they had learned. Government Lesson Afternoon of October 1st: In this lesson on […]

Gender Construct Discussion

Relating to what Lizz and Leah shared about creating a gender construct in the classroom, I thought I would share this cool commercial I saw, it played during the last super bowl. Shows the growing concern and interest in providing a wide range of toys for all children regardless of gender, and encouraging young girls […]

Tons of Library of Congress Lesson Plan Ideas!

While I was researching ideas for our upcoming social studies lessons I found this great resource. I have used the Library of Congress page often when researching for history classes I have taken at Gustavus. It has a specific teacher resources page complete with lesson plan ideas in a wide variety of social studies areas […]