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Just for fun: on a more serious note

This is one of the coolest things that I have heard of in a while and I really wanted to share it with all of you! The organization More Love Letters is designed to use the art of letter writing to lift people up and remind them that all around the world there are people […]

In the News: Suspensions

Interesting article in the newspaper today, not sure what I think about it yet. The article states that a student was suspended 12 times in one year and a judge ruled that the school deprived the student of education. What do you think?

Poetry in the Classroom…RESOURCES!

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you that I really love poetry! There are so many cool ways to incorporate poetry in the classroom both during National Poetry Month in April, and all year long. The attached resources provide ideas for lessons to teach different kinds of poems, and create different projects surrounding […]

Communication is Key

We have spent a little bit of time this semester in thought about how to communicate with students in the classroom by reading Denton. So far, I have found this book to be really helpful, and even found myself thinking about some of the strategies provided in the book for communicating more effectively with students […]

Team Teaching

I have a question for everyone. Last semester I was in a class outside of the Ed. Dept. where I had to research and co-present on a topic to the class. During the actual presentation/ teaching, my partner explained a portion of our research incorrectly giving false information. I had no idea what to do! What […]

Mini Lessons on Writing

Hey everybody! As you are getting ready to prepare your mini lessons on writing check out all these resources from Nancie Atwell. She is a very well respected source on using the writing workshop in the classroom! Her new edition of In the Middle is coming out soon, so all of these resources are available in anticipation […]

Simulations in Geography

Hey everyone! Morgan and I attended a really interesting session at Geofest on a hunger simulation for the classroom. In this hunger simulation, each student becomes the political leader of a country that they must feed over the course of several rounds. Being fed or starving is determined by some different mathematical processes. The link […]

Gearing Up For NaNoWriMo!!!

Have any of you ever heard of National Novel Writing Month before? The month of November has been set aside every year for the past fifteen years by the NaNoWriMo organization for budding authors and students to devote one month to writing an entire novel! I think that this idea is really cool, because it […]