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Shout Out To Today’s Math Mini Lesson Teachers!

Great job  team teaching with your mini lessons Elisabeth and Leah, and  Beth and Laura! Very clear instructions and doable with our future students (:

Knowing Your Facts

I happened to find this article on Buzzfeed and though the site is primarily for entertainment I think it’s important to realize the “facts” you may have been taught growing up aren’t necessarily correct. Be sure to know the concrete facts before you teach them! The link to the article is below if you’re interested […]

Google Lit Trips

At Geofest I was able to attend a speaker on geographic inquiry and spatial thinking. The speaker was named Jessica Winkelaar from the MN Center of Social Studies Education and she was very excited to be talking to my group. She brought a ton of great resources and gave us all mini inflatable globes! One […]

CNN Student News

CNN Student News is a series of ten minute videos put out every day by CNN about world events put in slightly simpler terms for students to grasp. I remember enjoying these videos in school and my teachers using them to help students stay informed about current events. In light of Geofest I thought it […]

Teachers Pay Teachers

The website is a great orginazational tool for all teachers to share, sell, and buy resources. I suggest creating an account, if you haven’t, to already to take full advantage of all the great materials available! There are plenty of free downloads as well as downloads for sale. Below are two URLs I posted […]