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Extending Kindergarten practicum?

Even though Kindergarten Practicum was only a week, everybody only got to teach one lesson. I had an idea about extending Kindergarten practicum to two weeks so every partner teacher can show that they used their feedback from the cooperative teacher and instructor (Katrina). What does everyone think?

Genres… Which one would you choose to do?

Leaning about the different genres from Tompkins’s book have provided many ideas to do with children writing. By doing Jigsaw of the genres that could be taught in class was a great way to get a sense of what each would look like in a classroom.

Geofest conference

I wonder if the Geofest conference could be extended and have some sections that were presented earlier in the days to be presented in the afternoon or evening? Or sections to be cut shorter so students can go attend some classes that intersected each other.

Shout out methods class

It has been a great year to have everyone in methods class with me. Thanks for making the methods class enjoying and fun everyday. Will surely miss everyone next semester after being in class for 4 months with everyone.

Foster Care education? Must READ!

The Impact of Foster Care on Students’ Education This article talked about foster care education of students. There are statistics in here that are hard to believe, but this is the truth about foster children who have been in foster care.

Living with Poverty in the United States!

Living with Poverty in the United States (1966-2012) This article defines poverty and how poverty can affect family education. An article that teachers should read becuase by reading this article, they will realize how poverty can affect the lives of student learning and their future education.

Shout out… Practicum teachers

I want to shout out to Josh Woodrich, Stephanie Aho, and Kendra Weege for doing an excellent job writing and  teaching their lesson plans for kindergarten practicum at South Elementary.

Who Loves Camp?

Camp TEKO Who loves camp? This is a great opportunity to work with kids. This camp is a Jewish camp where you learn the language, the country Israel, and meet new friends. Visit the link at the top (Camp TEKO above).

Involvement fair

Every year, the involvement fair comes up with new organizations or clubs that expand the Gustavus Adolphus community. This year I was excited to join Badminton Club and enjoy playing badminton with friends and get to know a lot of new people at Gustavus. Come join (every Friday at 7Pm-9Pm in Lund blue side).

Ability grouping for math is Good/ or Bad?

Knowing the pros and cons of ability grouping, would you use this in your classroom with grouping students based on their level in math?