Shout out: Writing examples from past semesters!

Posted on September 25th, 2014 by

If you need inspiration, here are some pictures of projects that other methods students created for their portfolios. I’ll also show you several “All about ____” books on Monday. Remember! The goal in your process pieces is to create projects that you would be excited to teach, try out the writing process in several ways, and stretch yourself to try new genres!

(If you like the idea of doing a fold-out book, I have two really good resources for you!)

DSC02008 DSC02032 DSC02033 DSC02035 DSC02037 DSC02016 DSC02018 DSC01185



  1. Halle Aplin says:

    Thank you for giving examples of past student work; I find it very helpful when professors and teachers do that. I hadn’t even realized theses were posted to the blog but I definitely referred to these examples as they are posted on the moodle page! These projects are so creative and helped me to come up with my own unique ideas!

  2. Elizabeth Anderson says:

    Thank you for these great ideas that you posted on the blog! It is so fun to see examples of past students work to see what their ideas were! They are very creative and all very different!