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Shout out: Coming out in the professional sports community

You might have seen in the news that NBA player Jason Collins just became the first male professional athlete currently in one of the four major sports (football, baseball, hockey, and basketball) to publicly come out as gay. Last week, NPR did a lovely piece on the implications of his move. (At that time, no […]

In the news: When children bring up tragic events

Today we had a great discussion about how teachers might respond to students who want to discuss yesterday’s bombings of the Boston Marathon. I found this article that is directed towards parents, but has some sound advice: Be in Control of What Your Kids Hear.

Shout out: Writing portfolios!

Two things have inspired this post: the incredible writing you all shared in your midterm writing portfolios and my sense that I’ll never have enough time in class to share all of the resources that came to mind as I read! If you are interesting in doing the “Where I’m From” poem with a future […]

Shout out: Earth Day video

Here’s a shout out for Kelly Okerman, who is currently student teaching. This is a video they made for their school to get them excited for Earth Day. We haven’t talked about this in class, but I can imagine using the writing process to block out and create a script for this type of video.