Shout out: Writing portfolios!

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Two things have inspired this post: the incredible writing you all shared in your midterm writing portfolios and my sense that I’ll never have enough time in class to share all of the resources that came to mind as I read!

  • If you are interesting in doing the “Where I’m From” poem with a future class, check out this website!
  • If you are interested in joining a writing group for teachers, check out the Minnesota Writing Project, hosted by the University of Minnesota. This group is a local chapter of the National Writing Project.
  • Here’s a link to a webpage I found on making books with children. (This was inspired by Casey’s All about Emperor Penguins book that is pictured above.) I’m also going to order a copy of Making Books That Fly, Fold, Wrap Up, Twist and Turn. I’ll share it with the class when it arrives.
  • Some of your projects reminded me of the Language Experience Approach to reading/writing. The idea is that you give students a common experience (i.e. baking bread), talk about the experience, write about the experience, and then read what you’ve written. Often LEA is used with ELLs, but I also think it’s a great strategy to use to inspire writing and vocabulary development.
  • Another tool you might use to help students think about how to write for different audiences and purposes is the R.A.F.T. planner. (Role/Audience/Form/Topic)

Hmm… Looking at the length of this blog post, I may need to join Pinterest after all!


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