Shout out!: Disciplinary Social Studies Lesson (Plans)

Posted on September 30th, 2014 by

frameworkWhat a great day we have ahead of us! You will be teaching or participating in 8 lessons designed to engage elementary students in “doing” History, Economics, Civics, and Geography!

I’ll be taking pictures as you work, as well as taking notes on snippets of learning that I see. As a follow-up, in place of a traditional reflection, I would like each group to do the following:

  • You will write an initial post for each lesson. Have one person post a picture of your lesson and a short summary of what you did. Have someone else do the same for your other lesson. If you used any electronic resources, embed them in your description by making a hot link. (Ask if you don’t know how to upload a picture or make a link.)
  • As a group, talk about your individual thoughts on how each of your lesson went, read the feedback from your “students”, look at work generated through the lessons, and reread my feedback on your plans. Then each person should comment on your original post: (by Friday evening)
    • What was powerful about the approach you took? Where did you see evidence of rich learning?
    • What advice would you give teachers doing similar work?
    • What else is on your mind? Any questions, dilemmas, ideas for future work?
  • Then read the other groups’ posts so that you can learn from each group’s experience! If you want to add additional comments, let’s make sure these are “shout outs” that haven’t been mentioned (by Monday)

As I said, the is going to be a real “Celebration of Social Studies”!


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