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Shout Out: Mrs. Rushing’s Practicum Group

A big shout-out to Lizz and Hannah for being great groupmates! I appreciated all their support during the rotations I planned, and I also appreciated their energy and enthusiasm when I got ANOTHER cold from the kiddos (seriously. Mrs. Rushing even commented, “You sound miserable,” because I was so stuffy!). What awesome practicum teachers! –Elisabeth

Shout out… Practicum teachers

I want to shout out to Josh Woodrich, Stephanie Aho, and Kendra Weege for doing an excellent job writing and  teaching their lesson plans for kindergarten practicum at South Elementary.

Who Loves Camp?

Camp TEKO Who loves camp? This is a great opportunity to work with kids. This camp is a Jewish camp where you learn the language, the country Israel, and meet new friends. Visit the link at the top (Camp TEKO above).

Fall Break

Hey friends! A friendly reminder to rest up, eat well, relax, and DRIVE SAFE over Fall Break! I know we’ve all caught colds from our little friends in kindergarten practicum, and we can hopefully get healthy before we go back into the schools for elementary practicum. Hopefully we can all take care of ourselves–I know […]

Involvement fair

Every year, the involvement fair comes up with new organizations or clubs that expand the Gustavus Adolphus community. This year I was excited to join Badminton Club and enjoy playing badminton with friends and get to know a lot of new people at Gustavus. Come join (every Friday at 7Pm-9Pm in Lund blue side).

Teacher resources: How to be accountable to the standards

Hi, friends! After the Geofest lecture on Standards-Based Grading, I started wondering how teachers and students keep track of all the standards and benchmarks they are supposed to be meeting! As always, I turned to Pinterest and found an easy way to track and display learning targets in your classroom. This teacher tracks each time […]

Ability grouping for math is Good/ or Bad?

Knowing the pros and cons of ability grouping, would you use this in your classroom with grouping students based on their level in math?

Geofest Review: Standards-Based Grading

Hello again, friends! I don’t know how many of you attended the lecture at Geofest about Standards-Based Grading, but it was an excellent lecture. I’m still not sure how I personally feel about this method of assessment, but I am certain that with the push to hold teachers more accountable to standards, we will be […]

Classroom discipline: What would you do?

Hi friends! In our practicum group, our cooperating teacher’s style of discipline often conflicted with my, as well as my partners’, thoughts about how discipline should be handled. Our teacher was never deliberately unkind, but she would address individual students in front of the class and sometimes ask the students questions like, “How can we […]

Practicum: A question about standards

Hey friends! I was wondering if you saw your cooperating teachers planning lessons based on the MN or National Standards, or if they used standards-based language, such as “I can…” statements to guide their lessons? Is there an emphasis on standards in kindergarten? Did we just not see the standards in the behind-the-scenes planning? Or […]