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Malala & Education for All

As some of you may already know, Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani girl and advocate for improved access to education, was recently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Access to education regardless of gender is something I have always felt strongly about. I think many of us do not always fully appreciate the education we have […]

Children’s Books That Teach Math

After today’s math class with Michele I was thinking about good children’s books that teach math concepts. I found this website that lists some of the top math books for kids. The site has links to find math literature for specific math concepts such as addition, subtraction, telling time, and much more. Definitely a resource […]

Knowing Your Facts

I happened to find this article on Buzzfeed and though the site is primarily for entertainment I think it’s important to realize the “facts” you may have been taught growing up aren’t necessarily correct. Be sure to know the concrete facts before you teach them! The link to the article is below if you’re interested […]

Shout out to Valerie!

I forgot to do this weeks ago, but shout out to Valerie for making poetry fun. She gave us great prompts, let us free write, and let us write about ourselves. This all leaded to some great poems, everyone had great poems and I feel like we all got a better feel as to when […]

Google Lit Trips

At Geofest I was able to attend a speaker on geographic inquiry and spatial thinking. The speaker was named Jessica Winkelaar from the MN Center of Social Studies Education and she was very excited to be talking to my group. She brought a ton of great resources and gave us all mini inflatable globes! One […]

Team Teaching

I have a question for everyone. Last semester I was in a class outside of the Ed. Dept. where I had to research and co-present on a topic to the class. During the actual presentation/ teaching, my partner explained a portion of our research incorrectly giving false information. I had no idea what to do! What […]

Geofest GAW Session-great resource!

At Geofest, I went to the GAW session with Michelle Leba and she showed us a great resources for teaching geography! I’m putting her website below for you to take a look at… There are some great resources on that which include presentations, lesson plans, and TONS of free downloadable materials. So check it out!! […]

iPads in the classroom. Share some apps!

Hey class! As you may have noticed in kindergarten practicum, they use iPads at their school. So I was wondering if anybody picked up on some great ways that their teachers utilized iPads and other technology in the classroom? Any good apps you came across that you would use in the future?

CNN Student News

CNN Student News is a series of ten minute videos put out every day by CNN about world events put in slightly simpler terms for students to grasp. I remember enjoying these videos in school and my teachers using them to help students stay informed about current events. In light of Geofest I thought it […]

Mini Lessons on Writing

Hey everybody! As you are getting ready to prepare your mini lessons on writing check out all these resources from Nancie Atwell. She is a very well respected source on using the writing workshop in the classroom! Her new edition of In the Middle is coming out soon, so all of these resources are available in anticipation […]