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Practice Telling Time!

During our Elementary Practicum, Bethany, Kayla, and I did a lesson on telling time. It was difficult to teach some students the concepts, and I think this idea would be very helpful for some kids! You write the digital time on one half of a plastic Easter egg and write the analog time on a […]


I found this page that has almost three hundred ways for teachers to use Post-Its! There are some really interesting ways to use them, and I think you all should go check them out! I really like the idea of using Post-Its for your seating chart so you can easily move students around. There is […]

Shout Out!

I think that our class needs to be acknowledged for attending the Geofest conference. I think our entire group looked so nice and professional, and we really represented Gustavus well! We all walked with our “Gustavus Educators” bags so it was apparent, the GAC education pack had arrived! Also, I don’t think I speak alone […]

Geofest – MAPS!

My favorite presentation at the conference was definitely the Esri one. This group shared a site where there are many different kinds of maps for students to look at. This site has any map you can think of; obesity rates, food distribution, and even where titanic passengers lived along with all of their information. The […]