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Looking for Educational News and Opportunities?

If you are looking for news and opportunities in the field of education, SmartBrief is a great resource! I have been a subscriber to one of their publications for over a year now and they always have new and interesting articles, and even job postings!! They have many different topics: News in International Education, News […]

Just for Fun: President Obama Uses Hebrew to Gain Respect in Israel

On March 22, 2013, the New York Times wrote an article on President Obama’s extensive use of the Hebrew language during his time in Israel, titled “Shalom, Mr. President: Obama Tries to Charm Israelis with Hebrew”. In this article, it reviews how the President went far beyond the typical greeting and “sprinkle[d] Hebrew throughout his […]

Interactive Read Aloud

Literacy is a key component of elementary education and it is given much emphasis in the classroom. It is clear that reading aloud has value to children of all ages. This week we got to experience an interactive read aloud activity during class. Interactive read aloud not only allows the teacher to read a big […]