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In the news…”50 Ways to Teach With Current Events” brought to you by the New York Times

Since we are in a Social Studies Methods course, this was a great article to come across. This article provides links in categories from Reading and Writing, Speaking and Listening, Games and Quizzes, etc. While some of these may be a bit harder to do with say Kindergarteners, there may be ways in which you […]

Resource for new teachers: Important Steps and Information

I know that not all of us may be teaching in a science classroom but there is a great, free pdf from the National Science Teachers Association in the link below. Even if you do not end up in science, you may need to work more science into the curriculum later on. It talks about […]

Shout Out: Kendra’s Birthday

This is a shout out to Kendra! Her birthday was this weekend and she beat McAlister!!!! It has been great working with you in Practicum! I’m glad you had a great weekend! Thank you for all your hard work, knowledge, and fun personality! I’m sure someone sent this to you but this is for you […]

Shout out!! Kendra, Long, and Josh

I’d like to take this opportunity to let my classmates know what an awesome Practicum experience this was. I learned from each of you as we worked together. Everyone created such engaging lessons! The students kept talking about them! From creating volcanoes, making play dough out of  pumpkin guts. to coloring pumpkin seeds and using […]

Reflecting on Practicum! Great teaching ideas

Beth had a great idea to discuss our practicum experiences. I liked the questions she asked. I thought it would be a great idea to continue the conversation and talk about what happened that you are really excited about. What were you really good at? What was something that the other classmates in your room […]

Geography Lesson Plan: Map it out

In our initial lesson plan, we were trying to cover too many topics and introduce too many vocabulary words. We believed that focusing on a few would allow for greater comprehension. After simplifying our lesson plan, we were able to engage in a few ideas and get a more rich learning experience out of the […]

Geography Lesson Plan: Table Comparison

Initially we were very overwhelmed with all the materials. There were so many different learning opportunities, many different ways to go, and over-all just a lot of material. The materials could have been used as a unit- therefore, our struggle was narrowing down what we wanted to teach. The standard for fourth grade talked nothing […]

Creating an Engaging Blog Post or Comment (Laura, Hannah, Elizabeth, Steph)

Hi all! Links to videos and websites are great ways to give visuals and show research! Fun or informative titles also capture interest. Having good conversational phrasing, linking ideas to classes, and posing questions are all great ways to encourage conversations from others. We all want to have a discussion and it is important to […]

Representation of Males (Don’t forget about them!)

Someone who is important to me believes that while it is so important to empower women and have discussions about things such as media representations, we must talk about the images and ideas presented by the media that show boys how they are supposed to behave. Take a look at this article and ensure that […]

Something we should be on the watch for: “He for She”

Here is Emma Watson’s Speech to the UN talking about feminism and the “He for She” campaign