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Just for fun: Buttermilk the Goat!

This video makes me chuckle and is pretty much my all time favorite goat related video. Also, I think we should have a goat as a class pet. Anyways, enjoy.

Shout Out: DJ Laura (and Steph and Lauren)

Shout out to Laura for providing the music to our impromptu chapel break dance time. Well done. Also to everyone who participated. 🙂

Shout Out: Beth & Sophie

Shout out to Beth & Sophie for their “100 days of excellence” addition to calendar today! I love the idea of acknowledging random acts of awesomeness in the classroom. Anything involving star charts and warm fuzzies have the official Morgan Cronin seal of approval, which is a pretty big deal…


I learned about a font called Dyslexie recently that could be helpful for students with dyslexia. The characters are slanted and weighted in such a way that it is easier for people with dyslexia to read. I think it’s somewhat aesthetically pleasing, too! It’s free to download, but you do have to give them your […]

School Protection Officers?

I stumbled across an article recently about Missouri’s newest law regarding teachers carrying concealed weapons. The law says that schools can designate and train staff as “school protection officers” and allow them to carry concealed guns and/or mace. It also allows anyone with a concealed weapons permit to carry guns, even in locations that have their own […]