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Thinking about what Gustavus has experienced in regard to discrimination, I know that no matter what grade I teach, the class will need to establish a list of social behaviors that are not acceptable in the classroom. Unfortunately, as we have seen at Gustavus, some students find their actions to be either justified or not […]

Administrators Panel

I thought that the administrators panel was extremely insightful! They told us that the top three qualities that they are looking for in a candidate include: 1) Passion for student success 2) Collaborative (team work) 3) Life-long learners (reflection and improvement, always keeping up with standards and sharing them with students, etc) Other tips: -really […]

Standards Idea

Kindergarten science standards can be tricky for teachers to address. Here is a standard that Ms. Depuydt addresses in her class. She has the students help her plant, and they grow them in the back of the room. They frequently check to see how they are doing, the changes they have made, etc. She has […]

Peaceful conflict resolution

I really enjoyed the comic books on peaceful conflict resolution! I agree with Valerie that students find excitement in violence and think that peace is boring. It’s important to convey to children the negative consequences from violence, and the positive outcomes of peaceful conflict resolution. The comic books are a great way for students to […]

Gardening teaches kids math, science, and healthy eating! Cool Article!  This is a really cool article about elementary school kids growing a garden, and how their teachers use it as an interdisciplinary unit. The teachers incorporate math, science, and health lessons, all related to their garden! They are able to practice these subjects as a way to learn about them on a deeper level.


Would you want to  incorporate a mindfulness curriculum into your classroom? Why or why not? Do you think that all grades would benefit from it?

Shout out!

Shout out to Carly, Jess, and Emilie!! They taught a difficult third grade lesson on goverment, but did an excellent job! They were very well prepared and the activities were engaging!

Just for fun!

For  my “just for fun” post, I thought I would post a video of the most adorable bilingual  2-year-old ever. Enjoy 🙂


I was very inspired by this conference! I learned about many strategies that can make my social studies lessons more engaging, such as multi touch books,  thinglink, iwonder, Emodo, digital flex books, meographs, and piktochart. In addition to adding technology to my classroom that will help them think creatively and help increase inquiry, I want […]

Example of a great elementary classroom blog!

I have worked with a kindergarten teacher at Northview Elementary in Eagan, Mrs. Kurt. She has an excellent blog that parents enjoy following in order to read about what their students are doing on a daily basis, and actually see pictures of them learning! Take a look!