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Peace Corps at GeoFest!

Our elementary methods class went to Macalaster this past Saturday, for a teaching conference called “Geofest.” It was a ton of fun and I learned a lot about social studies that I hadn’t known before. My favorite part of Geofest was all of the free resources! We got maps, globes, books, etc. The first session […]

Family Weekend Concert!

Did anyone see the family weekend concert this past Sunday!? Elisabeth Krane, Lauren Pauly and I sang in the Gustavus Choir. Sophie Wertz was in Gustavus Symphony! It was so nice to see people in our education methods class to support us in the audience. All of the music ensembles sounded beautifully. I especially like […]

How was Kindergarten Practicum?

I had a blast at kindergarten practicum and I am wondering how everyone else’s experience was. Here are a couple of questions I have for you: Did you learn anything new about yourself as a teacher? What was the most difficult part of your experience? What was the best part of your experience?  

Shout out to Ms. Heider and Ms. Krane

I would love to give a huge shout out to Hannah and Elisabeth for being the best practicum partners I could ask for. They were so fun and easy to work with. They were organized with their lessons. They were wonderful with the students. They were so fun to share this memory with. I really […]

Great Character Building Lesson Plans

Hey everyone! I just came across this website and love these lesson plans. It is very similar to what we learned in Human Relations. There are great ideas and I hope you save this website. It is a great resource!

With Tech Taking Over in Schools, Worries Rise

Education In The news… Technology companies are collecting a vast amount of data about students, touching every corner of their educational lives with few controls on how those details are used. Now California is poised to become the first state to comprehensively restrict how such information is exploited by the growing education technology industry. Here […]