Classroom discipline: What would you do? Posted on October 16th, 2014 by

Hi friends! In our practicum group, our cooperating teacher’s style of discipline often conflicted with my, as well as my partners’, thoughts about how discipline should be handled.

Our teacher was never deliberately unkind, but she would address individual students in front of the class and sometimes ask the students questions like, “How can we help [Name] make a better choice? Why is what [Name]’s doing not showing Star Pride?” She would also fluctuate between expectations from day to day, which led the students to sometimes question the directions she gave because they were unlike the directions she had given on previous days.

We know that every teacher has his or her own “style,” and sometimes these styles clash; we also know that our CT was doing what she thought was in her students’ best interest.

So my question is: How would you handle it if your CT’s disciplinary style didn’t mesh with yours? What is a way we as student teachers could deal with a scenario like this in the future?



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