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What makes a good blog post and comment?

Let’s check in on what we have noticed about our own blog reading and writing: –What blog posts are we most likely to read? Why? –What posts are we most likely to comment on? Why? –If one of our writing goals is to encourage online discussion and the sharing of ideas, what reading and writing […]

Great Character Building Lesson Plans

Hey everyone! I just came across this website and love these lesson plans. It is very similar to what we learned in Human Relations. There are great ideas and I hope you save this website. It is a great resource!

Register for MCTE’s Fall Workshop!

MCTE is offering a discounted rate to attend their fall workshop! The workshop is Monday, October 27, 2014 from 8:30-2:30 at the Marriott in Brooklyn Park. The keynote speakers will be Kylene Beers and Robert Probst, authors of Notice and Note. To register for the discounted rate of $30, enter the code I provided in […]

Geofest Registration (by Oct. 3!)

Here’s the link to learn more about and register for Geofest! Geofest is Saturday, October 11, 2014 at Macalester College. Here’s a link to the parking map. Contact me individually if you have a conflict or you need financial support to attend. If you have questions that are more general, and would be of benefit […]


After our chat this morning in Katrina’s class I remembered that I had book marked this great webpage of cheap do it yourself ideas for the classroom! I thought I would share this with you all! The ideas are super easy and cheap!

It’s Wednesday Folks!

This video clip always brightens my Wednesdays! Please enjoy at your leisure and just remember how happy that camel is!

Teachers Pay Teachers

The website is a great orginazational tool for all teachers to share, sell, and buy resources. I suggest creating an account, if you haven’t, to already to take full advantage of all the great materials available! There are plenty of free downloads as well as downloads for sale. Below are two URLs I posted […]

School Protection Officers?

I stumbled across an article recently about Missouri’s newest law regarding teachers carrying concealed weapons. The law says that schools can designate and train staff as “school protection officers” and allow them to carry concealed guns and/or mace. It also allows anyone with a concealed weapons permit to carry guns, even in locations that have their own […]

Activities for practicing letters

Hey gang! I found an awesome source for activities that support and develop the “letter of the day” we saw in our practicum last Friday! Although these activities are geared towards preschoolers, we could easily adapt them to make them developmentally appropriate for kindergarteners as well. This blogger also has many links for books that reinforce […]

Freedom Writers Movie

This movie is one of the most inspirational and powerful movies of all time about a teacher who teaches her students how to overco me fear and be brave to express themselves to a better future. Encourage everyone who have or have not to watch this again. So many techniques you can learn and gain […]