Project based learning is different than assigning “projects”

Posted on September 25th, 2014 by

I also like some of edutopia’s content. (Especially the infographics that are quick to read, but full of content!)

Here’s one on the difference between projects and project based learning. (If you can’t view the link, try their Facebook page.)




  1. Leah Johnson says:

    That is a great diagram. Something I noticed is that project based learning is more student centered. Through learning based projects they are able to connect more to their own lives and go in more depth. There is also more collaboration involved and the students have an opportunity to be inquirers.

  2. Hannah Heider says:

    I really like the idea of moving from projects to project based learning. It could really help students to see how things we learn in the classroom are related to their everyday lives, and expand their learning to things they are truly interested in. It reminded me of the Nobel Conference speaker Harry Kroto, who talked abotu having kids explore what interests them.

  3. Laura Nuy says:

    Wow Valerie this is such a cool diagram! Saved it to my school folder. I think a lot of times we think if students are doing a project it is project based learning but in reality the students aren’t really learning from their teacher. They have either learned the information already or are looking it up on their own and just copying down what they find. Thank you for sharing!