What makes a good blog post and comment?

Posted on September 24th, 2014 by

Let’s check in on what we have noticed about our own blog reading and writing:

–What blog posts are we most likely to read? Why?

–What posts are we most likely to comment on? Why?

–If one of our writing goals is to encourage online discussion and the sharing of ideas, what reading and writing strategies should we focus on as contributors to the blog?

– Which ones might we have to model and teach our students?

-What else is on your mind?

Record your insights in the comments of the post on blogging! (One person can login and write for the group).



  1. Ger Cheng says:

    Good blog post are posts that people are not familiar with and want to know more about. It should contains some new learning about skills, resources, or teaching. It should make you open up your views to think about others.

  2. Alex Halvorson Johnson says:

    I believe that we are most likely to read the posts with a catchy title that makes us want to read more. Something like the $4 Million Dollar Teacher, for example, would be a post that I would want to read more about, simply because of the title. In terms of commenting, I believe that we are most likely to comment on the posts that pose a direct question that the author would like the reader to reply to. For example, saying “what do you think about this?” is a great way for readers to be more likely to respond to the post. We are also most likely to comment on the posts that seem most interesting to the reader, personally,

  3. Kendra Weege says:

    Group 2 (Lizz, Lauren, Zach and Kendra)

    People are more prone to read blogs that:
    a. Catch your attention
    b. Are relatable
    c. Play off of your curiosities
    d. With Visuals

    Most likely to comment posts that:
    a. Interest us
    b. Connect to
    c. Pose a question
    d. Intrigue us

    We love blogging!

  4. Elizabeth Olson says:

    Group 4 (Megan, Sophie, Josh, and Beth): Good blog posts should spark discussion. They shouldn’t be too long; concise and to the point. The purpose of blogging is for people to express and share their opinions on a matter. When blogging it is important to model appropriate and respectful writing.