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Shout out!: Disciplinary Social Studies Lesson (Plans)

What a great day we have ahead of us! You will be teaching or participating in 8 lessons designed to engage elementary students in “doing” History, Economics, Civics, and Geography! I’ll be taking pictures as you work, as well as taking notes on snippets of learning that I see. As a follow-up, in place of […]

Gender Construct Discussion

Relating to what Lizz and Leah shared about creating a gender construct in the classroom, I thought I would share this cool commercial I saw, it played during the last super bowl. Shows the growing concern and interest in providing a wide range of toys for all children regardless of gender, and encouraging young girls […]

Giving Praise on Ability vs. Process

I thought that this article was very interesting. This is something I have heard many times, but the writer of this article really sums why praising ability is something we should turn away from. I don’t agree that it only affects girls, but this article is still a good read!

Project based learning is different than assigning “projects”

I also like some of edutopia’s content. (Especially the infographics that are quick to read, but full of content!) Here’s one on the difference between projects and project based learning. (If you can’t view the link, try their Facebook page.) MUST STOP BLOGGING AND DO OTHER WORK! 🙂

One of my favorite blogs to follow

I’m going to break a blogging rule and write about two things in this post. First, let me share one of my favorite blogs to follow: The Nerdy Bookclub! This is where I get many of my ideas about what I MUST READ. Umm… a graphic novel called El Deafo, which is reviewed by someone […]

Shout out: Writing examples from past semesters!

If you need inspiration, here are some pictures of projects that other methods students created for their portfolios. I’ll also show you several “All about ____” books on Monday. Remember! The goal in your process pieces is to create projects that you would be excited to teach, try out the writing process in several ways, […]

Using artifacts from family history

Thank you for your observations and questions about my dad’s Sorties card. It has inspired me to think and write some more about his experiences. If you are interested in a story he told an oral historian, here’s a link to his legacy page. I grew up hearing this story. Sometimes he told it like […]

$4 Million Teacher!

Here is an awesome article about a $4 Million teacher! It also covers some staggering percentages of student development between the United States and other countries. I really hope that you enjoy reading it!

Creating an Engaging Blog Post or Comment (Laura, Hannah, Elizabeth, Steph)

Hi all! Links to videos and websites are great ways to give visuals and show research! Fun or informative titles also capture interest. Having good conversational phrasing, linking ideas to classes, and posing questions are all great ways to encourage conversations from others. We all want to have a discussion and it is important to […]