Embracing Real Beauty: GAC event

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Embracing Real Beauty

Campaign for real beauty model

Stacy Nadeau

On Friday March 21, 2014

In an older post I mentioned Dove’s campaign for true/real beauty. After hearing that one of the original six dove women was coming to speak at Gustavus I knew that I had to go. It was incredible to hear her story of being scouted on the streets of Chicago to having a picture of herself in her underwear in Times Square.

She spoke about how many women in the media who have had their photos altered to make them look unrealistic. The Dove campaign moved away from this, by using her and five other women who have different body shapes and cultural backgrounds. After this experience she has the opportunity to be a spokes person for healthy body types and now travels around the nation explaining the truth behind the glossy pages of most magazines. She also addressed body issues, confidence and the day-to-day changes of being a woman.

Overall, I thought she was a wonderful speaker that was extremely down to earth and I would suggest going to one of her talks if you ever have a change!


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