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Posted on December 2nd, 2013 by

I know we talked about homework in Katrina’s class today so an idea that formulated in my mind throughout the day was what if your homework was taking the concepts that they are learning and helping them form those real world connections for their homework. It could be as simple as finding products in your house that were involved in your science lesson or taking those everyday materials and doing an experiment with them. When you go to the grocery store, if you only have 2 dollars to spend what are you going to spend it on? Or did you parents use exact change when they paid for something? Should they get change back? Was the change they got correct? I think it would be cool to use these real world scenarios to help students and to make homework an ‘everyday activity’ while they are still practicing their school work. Isn’t reading the info on a TV show or directions to a game better than not reading at all?


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  1. Kayla Traetow says:

    I think this a GRAND idea Bethany! I also think that students would find this fun. You could simply set up a calendar like Katrina said today and make a list of all of these ideas and have student work through it throughout the month! That way you wouldn’t just have to go grocery store just for the homework you could work into your parents schedule and when it is available.
    Your a genius!
    Kayla Traetow