Standardized Testing Popularity

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Earlier today in class we talked about Education Minnesota.  This motivated me to go on-line to read their newsletter for the month of October, and I found many different interesting articles.  One article I found (attached below) discussed the popularity of standardized testing in America and how parents are uneducated about the core curriculum/state standards. The information found in this article was based on the results of the PDK/Gallup poll.  They found that American citizens are uneducated about the standards/core curriculum, which is causing many parents to be unaware of what their students should be learning in school. The results also showed that citizens feel that it is unfair for teachers to be evaluated based on their student’s standardized test performance because they do not trust the standardized testing system.  With this information provided from the poll, what do you think with happen with the future of standardized testing?  If citizens do not find it to be an accurate representation of their student’s knowledge, will standardized tests eventually be eliminated. What role will we, as teachers, play in the debate of standardized testing?  How can we educate the parents of our students of the common core curriculum and the state/national education standards?



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  1. Susan Moore says:

    I’m glad that our discussion on Education Minnesota spurred you on to explore the website. Thanks for taking the time to do that and to share what you found.